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111 Hookah Tobacco

Société Orientale is a family-run company that started producing black and aromatic molasses in 1996. It is a leading player in the North African market and exports its products to Egypt, the US and some Middle Eastern countries.

In the manufacturing process, the company utilizes the most up-to-date technology, while maintaining traditional manufacturing methods during the fermentation and sourcing of its products.

CEO and owner of Société Orientale, explained: “After three decades of manufacturing and selling shisha tobacco through North Africa and chosen countries in the Middle East, we expanded our expertise into developing and manufacturing, blending finest tobacco with molasses. Our idea was a great success, and since then we have created many flavors named 111.

Explaining why the name 111 was chosen, he said that some numerology experts claim 111 is a message from the angels to tell people that their thoughts and ideas are ready to manifest. The CEO believes that he may have received that message 20 years ago when he started developing successful flavors.